Amanda's Story

self care Aug 28, 2017

Hi! I'm Amanda!

  • My Challenge
  • My Limiting Belief
  • My New Belief
  • My Back Story
  • My New Story (to be completed during the challenge)

My Challenge:

I will be focusing on self-care.

My Limiting Belief: 

The kids comes first, mom comes last.

My New Belief:

I am important. I need to be my best self for my family.

My Jump for Joy Goal:

Over the next 90 days, I want to start exercising regularly, sleeping 7 hours at night, and start sewing again.

My Background Story:

The last year and a half of my family's life has been quite a roller coaster. We moved from Glendale, California to Toronto, Ontario. I didn't (or maybe I didn't know how to find) the time to take care of myself whilst packing, planning, driving, stressing over if this is the right path for our family, unpacking, discovering a new city (and country!) But I am ready now!

My Results!

Will be added at the end of the challenge and updates throughout the challenge. Thanks!

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