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health Aug 26, 2017

Hi! I'm Jordan!

  • My Challenge
  • My Limiting Belief
  • My New Belief
  • My Back Story
  • My New Story (to be completed during the challenge)

My Challenge:

I will be focusing on health.

My Limiting Belief: 

"Thin" is the best body type, and the goal of dieting and working out is to get "skinny."

My New Belief:

HEALTHY is the best body type and mind set. The purpose of healthy eating and exercise should be to strive for health, energy, and happiness.

My Jump for Joy Goal:

I want to focus on being healthy, both physically and mentally. Instead of "dieting" to get "thin," I want to fuel my body with healthy foods that are going to make me feel energized. I also want to exercise for the purpose of celebrating what my body is capable of doing, instead of focusing on burning calories, losing weight, etc. Taking care of my body for the purpose of long term health rather than short term image.

My Background Story:

When I was just eleven years old, I was "discovered" by a prestigious modeling agency that scouts high fashion models worlwide. At such a young age, I was thrown into a world that saw "thin" as beauty. At age fifteen, I was first told I needed to work on slimming down my "measurements" meaning the circumference around my bust, waist, and hips. I was taught to forbid squats, lunges, running: any sort of exercise that could build muscle and potentially increase my measurements. I quickly learned the way to a "perfect" model body was to eat approximately 800-1,000 calories per day, walk at least 6 miles per day, as well as pilates exercises regularly. A work out schedule that was difficult to complete running on such little body fuel. At sixteen, I had the opportunity to travel to New York, Milan, and Paris for fashion week, and while it was an experience full of many incredible opportunities, I quickly figured out that to me, that particular lifestyle was not worth the lightheaded dizzy spells and hunger that I battled on a daily basis. While I have been finished with my high fashion modeling career for over three years now, I still fight with the voice that was engraved in my mind at such a young age, telling me that "thinner is better and skinny is pretty." My goal in this challenge is to change that voice to shout "HEALTHY is beautiful!"

My Results!

Will be added at the end of the challenge and updates throughout the challenge. Thanks!

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