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health Aug 25, 2017

*As the leader of the challenge, I will not be in the prize drawing, but I'll be sharing my own story and completing the challenge too!*

  • My Challenge
  • My Limiting Belief
  • My New Belief
  • My Back Story
  • My New Story (to be completed during the challenge)

My Challenge:

Poor and Unsustainable Physical Health & Low Physical Energy

My Limiting Belief: 

My survival depends on appearing weak because if I'm strong I will be attacked.

My New Belief:

I am strong and I need my strength to complete the work I'm called to do.

My Jump for Joy Goal:

Gain 10 pounds of lean muscle, stand up tall without fear and qualify as a finalist in the Isabody transformation challenge.

My Background Story:

Hi! I'm Maraya, and I'm the founder of Home CEO Academy, a social enterprise whose mission is to provide products and services that help people by donating all profits to charity and to projects that help people. 

This is (extremely) personal and it's not easy to come out and say this but in the spirit of being real, for anyone who happens to have experienced something similar, here it is! 

I come from a background of bullying.  For some people, myself included, that bullying was close to home.  For almost 40 years, depite my strong inner strength driven by a deep-seated faith, I've believed that I must appear physically weak in order to be physically safe.  Where I grew up, appearing strong caused rage in another person that put me in physical danger.  It wasn't the case every day, but it was often enough. In one incident, I was told I "looked like Nicole Brown Simpson" and had to use concealer to hide a black eye and bruises to my face when going to school.  I lived in a constant state of "hyper-alert" and even in my late twenties and early thirties would literally jump if someone's hand got anywhere near me.  I learned to be as small, discreet, weak-looking as possible to avoid being noticed and to apologize for having the nerve of existing as the annoying burden I appeared to be. 

Last year, I noticed in pictures that I was slouching, hunched over, scrawny thin and it looked terrible!  I tried standing up straight and was immediately overwhelmed by a strong forboding "danger" feeling as though a snarling rottweiler dog was pounced about to attack. (In my mind's eye this force had a familiar face, but that is the best way I can describe it).  I spent the entire year of 2016, despite overwhelming discomfort, using willpower alone to consciously stand up straight to simply desensitize myself to this ridiculous feeling.  After over a year, it's about 80% gone.

But I still have a problem with my physical composition.  I'm 15-20 pounds underweight and as someone with very small bones that is no small deal because it puts me on a direct path to osteoporosis, broken bones and permanently slouched posture in my later years.  (Eek! I don't want that!) Over the last several years, after a long nursing period, I became thinner to the point where my bones started aching daily and I've had inflammation for four years.  On top of that my physical energy is low and the volume of work I complete is completely due to sheer inner drive but that alone is becoming truly unsustainable.

Internal drive and adrenaline can only go so long if you have physical weakness and in the last several months the inflammation has been so frequent that it's really brought me to the point of going "Whoa.  If I don't get my health under control, none of what I'm trying to do will come to fruition."  Indeed, I had a dream about 4 weeks ago where I felt a strong sense that if I didn't get physically strong, I'd never realize my full calling.  And there are some rewarding yet very complex and difficult projects that I feel called to in the future that I cannot accomplish without physical strength.

It was a wake up call (literally).

In the past, I've done some exercise but for some reason I never stuck with it for long or for life.  And I began to wonder, with the "completer-finisher" driven Type-A type person that I am, why am I not applying this to my own health ?  After a lot of soul-searching I discovered my limiting belief. I knew I felt the intense hyper-alert, danger feeling I had when I stood up straight, but I never connected that feeling to the belief that was underlying it.

Then I realized that my unconcious belief - which has been operating since childhood.  And I was floored by how absurd it was.  I literally believed that my survival depends on appearing physically weak because if I'm strong, I will be attacked. 

When I finally came to that realization, I was stunned.  I mean, how STUPID is this absurd lie of the enemy ?!  But just knowing that this is what has been operating for nearly 40 years (and 20 years removed from the trigger) was the nail on the coffin for this belief because just knowing it removes it's power. 

Discovering this limiting belief was the motivator behind this challenge and I hope everyone who joins this #JumpForJoy2017 Challenge discovers one of their own limiting beliefs that they can rip to shreds and reframe to a new, more positive and empwering belief. 

Like this one.

My new belief is "I am strong and I need my strength to do the work I'm called to do."

I'm not putting up with physical weakness and allowing that to slowly sabotoge my life and my goals anymore! 

My Jump for Joy Goal!

My goal is to gain a minimum 10 lean pounds through strength training and nutrition to improve my physical energy and stamina.  I will also enter the Isabody challenge (with a mindset to win it!) to increase my accountability toward this goal.

When it comes to nutrition, as a very busy mom and business owner, I need something for this goal that is both healthy but also very easy and convenient to implement so I've picked the Isagenix product lines to support my goal.  After my dream, I reached out to my friend Angelike Norrie, who is the best expert on health I knew for some advice.  I had gone to her way back in 2012 as a nauseous pregnant lady who couldn't keep anything down, for advice on what she ate when she was pregnant, and it was then that she let me know about the Isagenix Isalean shake, which got me through those months (and which I've used for five years now, albeit sporadically). 

When I caught up with her again recently, I found out about other Isagenix products that I can use to support my goal.  As I'm writing this I'm having a smoothie of an avocado, strawberries, this delicious-smelling IsaPro whey protein and a scoop of the Isagenix greens and is SCRUMPTIOUS! 

For this challenge, I've also committed to a six day a week strength training routine paired with a high-protien healthy diet using these products to support overall health and lean muscle growth.    I'm quite curious where in the world I'll be at the end of this challenge!

I'll be posting my progress throughout the Jump for Joy 2017 challenge.  If there's anyone out there who's experienced the same issue sabotaging their health, please don't hesitate to email me at and I'd be happy to connect with you!

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